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May 18, 2023

05 18 23 Inside Groove Podcast 116 - The Thrill Of The Chase

05 18 23 Inside Groove Podcast 116 - The Thrill Of The Chase
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Inside Groove Podcast Episode 116 powered by Indy Performance Composites

GUEST: Supermodified restoration enthusiast Larry Trenca

Larry Trenca grew up going to Oswego Speedway in the 1960’s. His father, Pete, is a legend in his own right as “Pete The Program Man”.  Larry spent many years working on various race teams before retiring and moving south to Tennessee.  Still having the bug for supermodifieds, he’s restored two former Steve Gioia machines and has added a Dates chassis now.  He just loves researching what happened to former supermodifieds, and he talks about all of it on this week’s show. 

The What's In A Number segment looks at both 7 and 16 in Oswego and supermodified history.  
 The Inside Groove Supermodified Podcast is the only weekly podcast dedicated exclusively to the Oswego Speedway and the other supermodified touring series - hosted by Steering Wheel Nation founder and Supermodified addict Tom Baker.  

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